Does Money Make You Mean? Answer: Yes!

In one of my favorite Ted Talks, social psychologist Paul Piff shares his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy.  Individuals were divided into a rigged game of Monopoly where groups were divided into a group of rich players and a group of poorl players. As the game went on, the “rich” players began treating the “poor” players badly.

Even in a rigged game where players had a clear advantage, the “rich” players credited their success to their own strategies instead of their access to greater resources in the first place. As these players’ level of wealth increased, their compassion decreased and feeling of entitlement increased.

Paul Piff shares the results of many years of social experiment that show how the interest of others decrease as wealth increases. Money can change you! Watch this very insightful Ted Talk and ask yourself, have you changed as your financial situation has improved.

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3 thoughts on “Does Money Make You Mean? Answer: Yes!

  • Well, we are still living like we did when we didn’t have cash producing assets because we are more interested in freedom. We still live in the same small duplex in a working class neighborhood because we are working class people and make working class wages. We are on track for a working retirement with a lot less hours and less physically grueling than we what we now work for an employer. If we spent money as fast as it came in we would never be able to retire. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices and continue to do so. Our bodies are starting to wear out from over 30 years of hard, physical labor starting as children. So why would I want to give my hard earned money to strangers who have cable TV, large screen TVs, smart phones, nicer clothes, nicer cars, and other frivolous things that we don’t have? They could have sacrificed and bought less material things just like us.

    • I think that he’s referring to the psychological changes that occur as you acquire more wealth that makes you somewhat less compassionate to others. Is it the do all and end all? Not at all! We see billionaires like Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates commit to using their wealth to improve the world instead of swimming in their money.

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