Fake Apple Store Pops Up In China

What looks like an Apple store, smells like an Apple store, has Apple-like products, but isn’t an Apple store? It’s your fake Apple store now debuting in China! Surprised? I didn’t think so. On July 19, Apple reported earnings of $7.31 billion in the third quarter, more than double what the company earned in the year-earlier period. The company sold more than 20 million iPhones and 9.25 million iPads in the quarter, but I’m sure that very few of them were in China since China is so well-known for fakes, but this takes a fake to new heights…or lows.

fake apple store

Fake Apple store. Image Courtesy A Bird Abroad

Visit A Bird Abroad for the full revealing article exposing the mother of all knockoffs. And they said bloggers can’t be reporters. I see the BBC, the Financial Times and all of the other traditional news media clamoring to get a piece of this story from her. Way to go!

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