Fighting the State

The state emptied my accounts on Friday. Oh, the joys of fighting with N.Y. state. If you read my previous post, I had expected something like this to pop up, but the bad part is that I had just deposited the rent check for October into my account. So, they got $750 from me. I should be pissed, that’s really not what ticked me off, it’s the fact that Chase gets to keep $150 of that as a “processing fee”. I hate banks, so I’m putting my money back under the mattress.

I promptly called the state since we’re supposed to be working on this and I was basically told that no one was assigned to my file, so while I could submit paperwork, it wouldn’t be processed until someone was assigned. They could drain my accounts, but there was no one that I could really talk to. Gotta love it.

In the words of the great Martin Lawrence, I’m going to woosah it out, regroup, refocus, and kick ass.


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