I’m Finally On WordPress

I’m a million years late, but I finally figured out how to migrate my blog (with lots of web searching and blunders) from one horrifically difficult platform over to WordPress.  Sorry to those of you that visited the blog today.  I know that it was down for most of the day and then it had lots of craziness going on otherwise, but that’s almost over with now.  🙂  What does this mean for you?  Well, I guess not too much, but there will be a few enhancements that should make this blog more interesting for you.

You’ll notice some a featured Youtube video that you can watch, the ability to search the site more easily, better ability to comments, a nice tag clod, hopefully my Twitter timeline, and whatever else I discover that will enhance your experience here.

There were a few kinks though.  The comments are all attached to the wrong posts.  I’m trying to figure out how to fix that, so please forgive me if the blog changes from one day to another.  I’m muddling though this the best way possible.

Finally, thanks for sticking with me this long!  I hope you guys like the new look.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Finally On WordPress

  • Cool Sandy!

    I love the look- I don’t think I’ve stopped by before but I will definitely be doing so now!

    Glad you got onto wordpress.

    I had the same issue with having comments allocated to the wrong posts (ugh the same issue for like… 6 MONTHS!!) until I realized I had a piece of code I put in from a plug in that went bad.

    I ended up hiring someone from elance.com to fix it.. cost me $50 but I ended up figuring it out myself!

    • Elance. Now why didn’t I think of that? It would have saved me 2 days and 1 sleepless night. Oh I know. It’s because I’m cheap and an idiot. 🙂 Thanks for popping in!

  • The site looks great! Do you mind if I ask what platform you were using before WordPress? I’m one of the only site owners I know that isn’t using WordPress. I use Drupal myself.

    • I used a platform called Serendipity before switching. It supposedly was “easier” but I find wordpress to be even easier with tons more options.

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