Why I Hired a Real Estate Agent on Twitter

I know that sounds crazy, I mean who does that? Not a sane person, that’s for sure. But give me a minute to explain and trust me it will make sense. Who knows, next time you need a real estate agent or financial advisor you may just take to Twitter to find the perfect match.This is why I hired a real estate agent on Twitter.

I am in the middle of buying a new home – we’re going to make an offer next week – and to say I’m excited is an understatement. There is a lot to buying a newly constructed home and if I didn’t have a professional by my side I wouldn’t even have known where to start.

Three reasons why I hired a real estate agent online:

We had something in common

When buying a new home, it is so important to find an agent who clicks with your personality, otherwise the working relationship can quickly turn into a total disaster. I first met Jen @JenRealtorMTL about a year and a half ago while we were both tweeting about The Real Housewives of Orange County.

We chatted online whenever a new episode of The Real Housewives aired and when I was ready to buy a home and needed to hire a real estate agent she was my first call. Of course, we met in person before signing a contract and I semi-interviewed her over coffee at Starbucks, but from the get-go it was obvious we would work well together.

She was online

As a social media consultant, I appreciated the fact that Jen was online and promoting her business. She was doing everything that I teach clients to do. She was making connections with her target clientele (i.e. in our city) by finding common ground. It’s always easier to reach out to someone who you don’t know when you have something in common.

To be honest none of my friends own a home here so I wouldn’t even know where to find a real estate agent if it wasn’t on social media or through a Google search. A lot of business can be lost if you don’t have an online presence.

There’s open communication

From the very first meeting I had a good feeling about Jen. We had open communication and it was easy to talk to her. She didn’t pressure us to make a quick sale and she took the time to understand our needs.

Although I found the model homes and new developments to go visit, it was her show all the way once we were in the door. She made recommendations on which features were worth the cost and what potential buyers look for when it comes to resale value. She asked questions that I wouldn’t even have known to ask and since I don’t have any family close by, I appreciated her expertise and knowledge.

Have you ever hired a real estate agent (or any professional) on social media?


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