How Much Do Mint Users Spend on Clothes?

How much money do you spend on clothes every single month? If you live in New York City, Mint says that you might be spending, on average $362 per month on clothes. Where does your city rank? Check out the infographic below by clicking to enlarge.

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8 thoughts on “How Much Do Mint Users Spend on Clothes?

  • I would think that cold climates would automatically spend more percentage wise than warm climates. Simply because you need more clothes, and winter clothes tend to be more expensive. But it doesn’t seem to really play out that way according to mint. I guess lifestyle can play an even bigger role!

    • Yeah I live here in N.Y. as well and I’ll be damned if I spend anything near that on clothes. I don’t buy clothes for months out of the year and then I tend to buy maybe one or two pieces.

  • I am wondering if this information reflect “lifestyle” vs. “clothing”. In NYC, people tend to go out much more since apartments are small. Thus, you need more clothing. In LA where I am people are very social too. When I think of Arlington, VA, I am thinking Washington, DC politics and of all the social functions related to politics.

    • But NY apartments also tend to have small closet spaces. I wonder if the clothing is just more expensive? Or is it a case of keeping up with the Joneses.

  • I just came off not spending any money on clothing for 1 year! I do love clothes and I do love to shop so it was a difficult challenge. Before the challenge I averaged $30/month after the challenge I’m trying to get down to $15/month on clothes.
    I’m from NM and they didn’t have any numbers from our little ole’ state!

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