Online Basics Every New Business Needs

Starting a new business can be scary when you see seemingly successful operations closing up shop even in good economic times. This is why it’s so important to get it right from the start. Among the many things necessary for getting your new business right is to have a few online basics.

Most of what you need involves eCommerce solutions. After all, the Internet is one of the most widely used tools in the world for personal and business purposes, and any business looking to succeed needs to take advantage of this fact. Make sure you have a good online presence with links back to your site, printed receipts at your store that invite customers to use the site, and provide incentives for new customers to sign up for emails. This will all help ensure your business doesn’t pull up stakes any time soon.

Provide Links to Your eCommerce Site

If you have a good online presence, your content will be found through blogs, guest posts, and more.  Be certain in all the online content you create there is a link heading back to your eCommerce site. This way, anyone who likes what they see or who wants to know more, can simply follow the link to the site.

As long as your links are generated by you, and the content you’ve created is related to the site itself, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with Google for an unnatural link.

Print the Site Address on Receipts

Every customer who comes into your physical store needs to be given every opportunity to keep doing business with you. Go into your POS software so every receipt coming out of your point of sale terminals includes your site address.

Your customers may use the site address if they are curious about other products you might have, or if the physical store is too far to go to all the time, or if they just want to learn more about your company. The why isn’t important. What matters is they’re thinking about your company, and they’re spending more time looking at all the products and services you have to offer. This always leads to more sales.

Provide Incentives for email Addresses

Every time you have a special at your eCommerce site, you need to bring attention to it. Sending out emails is a great way to get customers excited about specials and sales. Whenever someone goes to your site, offer them an incentive to provide their email address.

Giving discounts on purchases or free shipping are great ways to get the email address willingly. Make sure every email you send is not an advertisement or they will quickly find their way to the spam folder. And, your clientele may unsubscribe.

If you alternate between sales emails and interesting updates, you can continue to send out emails and expect they will be read. This will lead to more traffic for your eCommerce site and potentially higher sales.

I’m gearing up for Christmas sales on my new eCommerce site.  If you run an online business, the tips above should help you improve your sales as well.


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1 thought on “Online Basics Every New Business Needs

  • I’ve done some freelance work building websites for small businesses that otherwise had no online presence. Getting business owners to add their URL to their receipt seems like it should be total common sense, but getting them to actually do it doesn’t seem to be quite so easy. They’re just shooting themselves in the foot!

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