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It’s quiz time! Every few months I play Alex Trebek and come up with a quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention and have learned anything related to personal finance. The questions aren’t terribly difficult, but if you’re having trouble you can always find the answers to the questions somewhere on the site.

No cheating!

  1. Citibankwas recently hacked.  How many customers’ data was affected by this intrusion?
    • A: 100,000
    • B: 200,000
    • C: 300,000
    • D: 400,000
  2. Of these four celebrities, which one has filed personal bankruptcy at least twice?
    • A: Lenny Dykstra
    • B: Toni Braxton
    • C: Nicholas Cage
    • D: Donald Trump
  3. You can get your credit report for free with various services. Which one is promoted by the government?
    • A:
    • B:
    • C:
    • D:
  4. CEOs make big bucks.  How many multiples of the lowest wage workerdoes the average CEO make?
    • A: 150x
    • B: 200x
    • C: 250x
    • D:300x
  5. The cost of food at weddingscan kill a budget.  Which way will NOT help you save money on food costs?
    • A:  Have an evening wedding.
    • B:  Swap out meat dishes for vegetable dishes.
    • C:  Order children’s plates.
    • D:  Have a culinary school student cater your wedding.
  6. Which of these brands was listed at the most valuable global brandfor 2011?
    • A:  Google
    • B:  IBM
    • C:  Apple
    • D:  McDonald’s
  7. How often can a bondpay out interest?
    • A:  Monthly
    • B:  Quarterly
    • C:  Annually
    • D:  All of the above
  8. Extreme Couponingis popular but can sometimes be illegal.  Which of these is an illegal use of coupons?
    • A:  Printing coupons online
    • B:  Making a photocopy of a coupon
    • C:  Using multiple coupons for the same item
    • D:  Trading coupons with your friends
  9. Debt consolidationcompanies are not all bad.  Before using such a service what should you do?
    • A:  Check the Better Business Bureau site for any complaints
    • B:  Ask the company about any fees as well as their standard procedures
    • C:  Both of the above
    • D:  None of the above
  10. Your owe your credit cardmoney.  What can happen?
    • A charged off amount can be counted as income.
    • The credit card can not sue you.
    • The debt can not keep you from getting a job.
    • Your family members can be forced to pay.

How do you think that you did? The answers are below.


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