When Insurance Companies Fail: A Case Made For the AIG Bail Out

Just about all of us recall the events that transpired back in 2008 which led to the United States’ financial melt-down and a whirlwind of debate over one question: “Do we bail them out, or do we not?” Part of the “we” in this scenario was AIG – American International Group – the insurance giant; a nickname that is wholeheartedly deserved. To visit a more reputable life insurance company, click this link.

If you stuck a thermometer into the United States around this time, you’d see a boiling spike anytime anyone mentioned spending taxpayer dollars to bail out anything, however, the ultimate decision to bail out AIG wasn’t made lightly and could have very well saved us from what’s been dubbed “financial apocalypse”. It may sound like a dramatic exaggeration, but let’s examine. […]

U.S. Postal Service

Will the U.S. Postal Service and Post Offices Shut Down?

I don’t know why they didn’t see this one coming, but the internet is affecting the U.S. Postal Service so adversely that the Postmaster General is threatening to shut down services by the fall if they don’t receive a Federal bailout and debt restructuring agreement. According to the Postmaster General, costs associated with employees and funding their retirement is pushing them into serious debt, but I’d like to dispute that.

Employers are always quick to blame pensions on their financial woes, but their sales have been declining for years! I don’t which planning manager at the U.S.P.S. did not see e-mail as a possible threat to its regular mail business? While that part of their business model might have declines, their package service has increased due to the rise in internet sales. Amazon and eBay package shipments alone should have pushed quite a bit of customers through their doors to use the package service. […]