Will the U.S. Postal Service and Post Offices Shut Down?

I don’t know why they didn’t see this one coming, but the internet is affecting the U.S. Postal Service so adversely that the Postmaster General is threatening to shut down services by the fall if they don’t receive a Federal bailout and debt restructuring agreement. According to the Postmaster General, costs associated with employees and funding their retirement is pushing them into serious debt, but I’d like to dispute that.

Employers are always quick to blame pensions on their financial woes, but their sales have been declining for years! I don’t which planning manager at the U.S.P.S. did not see e-mail as a possible threat to its regular mail business? While that part of their business model might have declines, their package service has increased due to the rise in internet sales. Amazon and eBay package shipments alone should have pushed quite a bit of customers through their doors to use the package service.
Here’s a video below highlighting some of the U.S.P.S.’ problems. What do you think that they should do?

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6 thoughts on “Will the U.S. Postal Service and Post Offices Shut Down?

  • Hubby and I were just talking about this. It’s really scary because so many people will be affected. A lot of seniors are not computer savvy so they’re not going to run to e-mail. The people who work for the post office will be out of work. It’s a scary time, but like you said, they couldn’t have NOT known this day would come. The government should’ve prepared.

  • Maybe cutting a delivery day would be a good idea. I’d feel bad, because I’m sure it would cut some jobs, but maybe that’s the answer. My husband goes to the post office all the time, and I drop stuff in the mail for work just about every day, but obviously email and expedited shipping had cut hard into their profits.

  • I don’t buy it, yes, letters may be getting replaced with email, but what about the surge in online retail? I buy way more stuff online than I ever did.

    It’s just gross mismanagement. I mean there are several large for profit mail service companies that are making money. It’s very simple. If you’re losing money, you either need to cut expenses, raise prices and/or revenues or a combination of all 3.

  • There are newspaper companies that closed because people no longer buy the paper but instead check the news online. On the contrary, I don’t think USPS will ever close down. Downsize and reduce their offices maybe, but not totally shut down.

  • The only reason it won’t shut down is because the gov’t will keep propping it up. Privatize that junk, and get it off the list of tax-draining failed programs. Just because the USPS is a failure doesn’t mean grandma will stop receiving her SS check- let UPS or FedEx take care of it. They do a FAR better job, and they actually are good at customer service!

  • I think they have to change how they do things. Getting rid of Saturday delivery and having fewer post offices is a start, but the real killer is the long term pension liabilities. Going 401(k) style only will fix a lot of the issues going forward, but will not change the immediate problem.

    I agree that they will never close completely, they will just change their operations to meet the bare minimum requirements of a postal service.

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