Free Tax Preparation

Free Tax Preparation Winner Is…

It’s time to annouce the winners of the free tax preparation giveaway by H&R block giveaway that I hosted.  Before annoucing the winners I would like to thank H&R Block for sponsoring this giveaway.  Five of you lucky people get to file your taxes for free this year.  I’m always looking out for a deal and nothing beats free! […]

The Government Gives Free Appliances? Yup!

The Government Gives Free Appliances? Yup!

If the title of this post caught your attention then I know that you’re either a skeptic looking for the other shoe to drop or a cheapskate like me looking for a freebie. Yes, you can get brand spanking new appliances for free from the Federal government, but with everything, there are rules.

First, a little background. My mom as well as my tenant are both permanently disabled. My mom is disabled physically and my tenant because of her terminal illness. Both live in two different states and both were able to qualify for programs that replaced their refrigerators, paid a small amount towards their energy bills, installed or insulated water heaters as well as weatherproofed their abodes for free. I should also say that my boyfriend’s mom who is 80 also qualified for some of these services (her appliances weren’t old enough, but she got the other stuff). How did they do it? […]

Free eBook: Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know

Free eBook: Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know…

I’ve spent the last year learning lots of things about personal finance, but there are many personal finance bloggers out there that are way ahead of me. One of my favorite blogs is The Simple Dollar written by Trent Hamm. Trent began his journey to financial freedom 2006 and he’s managed to build a great[…]