Historical Gold Prices

Why Cash For Gold Is So Popular

I read an actual newspaper every day (remember those), and every day without fail there is a two page ad from one company basically begging you to send in your old, broken or unwanted jewelry for cash. It occurred to me to me that I’ve been seeing a lot of these ads lately either on television, on the internet or in print. It made me wonder why this business is suddenly so visible. […]

The True Value of Gold

The True Value of Gold

For as long as human eyes have glimpsed upon gold, human minds have been obsessed with its luster. The love of gold transcends virtually every civilization that has ever came to be, and to this day the precious metal continues to drive a large portion of the global economy.

For most people, their association with gold is fleeting – in the form of rings for a woman, rings for a man, and any other small-scale trinket. But for a select few, gold is a huge industry with enormous payoff. At a time when the inventions and tools created by humans are far more useful and exciting than any naturally occurring rock could ever be, the question must be asked: what is the true value of gold, if there is one, and why is it still so high in the year 2011? […]