Growing My Dough: 6 Months In

I love these update posts.  Six months ago I joined a challenge created by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents along with with like-minded personal finance writers who wanted to see how a $1,000 investment would pay off at the end of the year.  The goals were pretty simple:clint eastwood

  1. Show you how easy it is to get started investing
  2. Show you the plethora of online options available
  3. Show you different strategies that you can try
  4. Erase any doubts that you can’t do this on your own.

Pretty much all of the challengers decided to invest in the stock market.  A few others had some non-traditional investment options such as peer-to-peer lending in their portfolio.  I decided to split investment with 25% into peer-to-peer lending, 25% into the stock market and 50% into a small business.  Let’s see how I’m doing.  First, the disclaimer. […]