Don't Fall for the Call Forwarding *72 Scam

IRS Early Filing Tax Refund Scam Growing Like Mad

There’s a relatively new scam in town that’s been picking up speed like a bullet train and you might already be a victim. This scam involves identity thieves using your information to file electronic returns with the IRS claiming refunds, some much higher than you would be entitled to, and pocketing the funds before you have had a chance to file your tax return.  The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) states that there was a 62% increase in this crime from 2011 to 2012.  Haven’t heard about it? Get ready to be scared into action.

Identity thieves used to be relegated to the realm of credit cards.  In the boom days of real estate some thieves moved on to mortgage fraud.  Now that about 80% of all tax returns are filed electronically, some thieves have moved on to committing a tax fraud which can land the victim in serious hot water. […]

Protect my ID

I’ve Been Hacked and My Identity Stolen. Now What?

Somewhere in the world, some hacker – who I hope is living a lonely existence – is pretty proud of himself.  Not to be sexist here because girls can code too, but I envision a twenty-something basement dweller with little to no social life except the persona he has created online and the constant reminders from his mom to take out the garbage.  Some moron, maybe government sponsored, with no conscience and what I hope is a face full of pimples sits in his mom’s basement and bangs out code designed to steal people’s identity and peace of mind.

Earlier this month, Anthem Blue Cross, one of the largest providers of health insurance on the East Coast, confirmed that hackers had gained access to sensitive data belonging to up to 80 million people in what has been called “a sophisticated intrusion”.  I call bullshit.  Rather, some security administrator somewhere clicked on a link that they were not supposed to click on and gave hackers back door access to the encrypted information of millions of people. […]