Teach Your Children About Money Now!

Teach Your Children About Money Now!

My last four or five articles have been about children and money. Those of you without kids might be annoyed by now but this is the last part of a long ride.

My little sister graduates from junior high school today. It seemed like only yesterday that I was changing diapers and teaching her how to spell her name. I’m happy that she’s not yet embarrassed to be seen with her *ahem* slightly older sister. Like all good big sisters, I’m giving her a graduation present. For me, that means $50, but that money also comes with a lesson.

I plan on giving her the $50 broken into five $10 bills. Once she gets all excited about having $50 I’ll promptly take $20 back for taxes and another $20 for savings, leaving her with $10. Am I just being mean? Nope, I’m teaching her a lesson.