A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

This is totally off the personal finance topic, but I owe you guys a public service announcement.  That photo below is what the back of my car looks like after someone hit me yesterday morning going between 85-90 miles per hour while texting.  Not pretty, huh?

My boyfriend and I were traveling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike about a quarter mile away from our final exit after a 2 hour drive.   He had decided to come along because I would have to deal with the tenant that I was evicting, and he wanted to see the condition of the house.  So there we are, in this two lane stretch of high way.  Nothing in front of us, no one beside us, when out of nowhere, this car shot up behind us like a missile and hit us squarely in the back.

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My trunk where my back set used to be!