We're Gonna Rock 2012

We’re Gonna Rock 2012

The end is near.  The end of the world if you believe in that whole Mayan calendar thing; for the rest of us, it will just be the end of 2011.  We all like to reflect on how we did the previous year, and I guess that I’m no different because I’ll be doing it as well.

It has almost been three years since I began this debt reduction journey.  A few of you have been there since the beginning.  For that, I thank you.  Some of you hopped on the train to crazy town a little bit later.  I appreciate you as well.  I want to give you all a proverbial hug for sticking around as I freaked out a little bit on Bank of America (very deserved, I might add), shared the drama with my tenant from hell which inspired me to create a whole new site about it, and told a few stories about myself. […]