Tenth Month Check In

It’s that time of the month again! Time to see how I am doing as I chisel away at my mountain of debt. It’s slowly but surely moving in the right direction with a few hiccups here and there.

Student Loan #1 $2,117.38
Student Loan #2 $38,634.74
Credit Card #1 $495.72
Credit Card #2 $4,508.54
HELOC $45,822.22
Personal Loan $0 YEAH BABY, YEAH
Car Note $2,301.99
Total: $93,880.59

Student Loan #1 $2,094.39
Student Loan #2 $38,535.24
Credit Card #1 $327.52
Credit Card #2 $4,278.00
HELOC $45,911.84
Personal Loan $0 Loving this!
Car Note $1,860.00
Total: $93,006.99

You’ll notice that the HELOC went up a little from last month. I decided that I wanted to give myself another zero balance but I’m not sure which creditor to concentrate on. It would really do my ego some good to get rid of that car note. Technically my last payment date is scheduled for April 25, 2010. I’d love to give myself a Christmas present and instead pay off the car note by December 25, 2010 and tell VW Credit that they will never see my name again.

The puppy has also eaten in to my income as well. Apparently you have to feed them every single day. This one eat better than I do with the organic food I get her but she had a protein deficiency thing that needed to be taken care of. However my little affectionate fur ball is sweet to have around. I’m tempted to post another photo of her but I’m afraid that I’ll turn into one of “those” people.

I need some goals so here goes:
1) Get car note below $1,500
2) Student Loan #1 under $2,000 and
3) Credit Card #1 below $300

The end of the year is coming up quickly and I’d like to show some progress.

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