Third Earth Day Is My Birthday Green Goods Giveaway

It’s April and time for another giveaway! Before we get to the giveaway details let’s recap what we are celebrating. I share my birthday with Earth Day on April 22, and for the past three years I’ve used this time to educate you about going green. You’ve heard it all before. You know that you probably could do some things, but maybe you’ve thought that going green means eating nothing but lettuce and hugging trees all day.

I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. Going green can be as simple as swapping a light bulb or taking a refillable container to your local coffee shop instead of using the plastic lined paper cups that they provide.

Through the rest of this month, I will be featuring stories from my blogging buddies about how you too can go green and make a big impact while doing small things. To remind you about it Earth Day I’m giving you an incentive to come back to this site by holding a teensy little giveaway. See the information below!

Grand Prize (1): $100 Gift Card.
Sponsored by: Yes, I Am Cheap
yes i am cheap - Third Earth Day Is My Birthday Green Goods Giveaway

Second Prize (1): $25 Gift Card
Sponsored by Prairie Ecothrifter
prairie ecothifter

Third Prize (1): $25 Amazon Gift Card
Sponsored by: Frugal Zeitgeist
living la vida grugal-

Fourth Prize (at least 10):  Reuseable Shopping Bags
Sponsored by: Bucksome Boomer
having fun until retirement

I would like to thank everyone listed above for chipping in to sponsor this event!  More sponsors might be added in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check back for an updated look at this contest.  Now, on to the rules!

How to Enter: You have a number of ways to enter this contest.  To enter simply hit the “Tweet This” button at the top or bottom of this post to Tweet it out.  I will record your entry.  Contest ends at midnight, Eastern on April 23. You do however, have a few more chances to earn additional entries.  Please see below.

Additional Entries: If you have some time, you can earn additional entries all month long.  To earn additional entries simply comment on an article entitled “Going Green” for one additional entry.  Comments on this article will not count! There will be at least two such titled posts every week until the end of the contest (hint-hint tomorrow will have one). One SUBSTANTIAL comment on each post counts as another entry. Please don’t just drop in something like, “hi!” and expect me to count it.

Still More Entries: If you have even more time, and want to earn 2 additional entries, enter and confirm your e-mail address in the box below.  If you are already a confirmed e-mail subscriber you will be entered into the contest.

This gives you the ability to enter multiple entries to the contest.  All entries will be recorded and a winning entry number will be retrieved from and announced on April 24.

Disclaimers:  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, please do not enter if you plan on suing anyone.  I can’t guarantee that you will win, but I will guarantee that there will be multiple winners.  🙂   If you have a problem with the shape of the sun, don’t enter this contest.  If you think that aliens landed and probed you, you shouldn’t enter either.  You get what I’m saying.  If you’re a little crazy, this isn’t the contest for you. Also, I won’t tell you ahead of time if your entry is valid. So sorry!

I hope you guys enter!  Good luck.

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