Time To Breathe Again

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I practically moved into the office while working on a project but now I’ve busted out and I’m free! Well, not exactly free but now I will be able to get home a few hours earlier than I have for the past month. I also learned that when you work for more than 12 straight hours, you get paid double time after the 12th hour. Who knew?!

Couple of things to update you on.
1) Dog pushed my laptop off the bed so now it’s officially dead. I mean kaput.
2) I revised 2008’s year’s tax return, sent it in and already got the check. I didn’t know the IRS was so efficient.
3) I used the refund money to buy a new laptop and I got it from a friend of my brother’s so I saved almost $200 on my laptop. You know I’m cheap.
4) I was right about our current W-2’s being wrong. We have new ones that they issued so now I can file my 2009 taxes.
5) The eBay is picking up and commanding more time but more time equals more money
6) TUMS is great!

More to come soon. I will be able to get back to my normal publishing schedule and update you at the end of the month on my financial situation. Things are trucking along pretty well. I’m FOCUSED.

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