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Thriving on Thrifting!

The following is a guest post from Crystal Stemberger over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  Her daily posts cover her expenses, savings, and what she spends on the fun stuff in between.

If you are a reader here, I assume you appreciate “cheap”…at least once in a while.  I am a HUGE believer that we can all afford anything, we just can’t afford everything.  Along those lines, I prioritize and spend more where it matters most for me (our physical home and travel) and less on pretty much everything else.  […]

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How I Went From Being Broke to Being Cheap

My financial life: Oh boy has it changed

Good morning Yes, I am Cheap friends. My name is Kristina and I’m the daily blogger over at Dinks Finance. Today Sandy has graciously invited me over here to share the story of how I went from being broke to being cheap.  I turned my financial life around in three years and this is how I did it.

My out of control spending ended in $50k of debt

From my mid to late twenties I was living the high life, or at least I thought I was. I had a wallet full of credit cards and I spent money whenever I wanted something.  I would spare no expense and I didn’t care how much anything cost. Why? Because I was making a six figure income from my personal finance job and I thought I could control my finances. Thought was the operative word.

Then the market crashed. One day I woke up and realized my excessive spending landed me over $50,000 in debt.  I hit rock bottom and knew my income could no longer support my spending. So I had to make changes in my financial life to decrease my spending, lower my expenses and increase my monthly debt payments. That’s exactly what I did.

This is how my life changed from being broke to being cheap:

I only keep one credit card. Right now I only keep one credit card in my wallet. It is a no fee credit card with a $2,500 limit. I no longer have several credit cards with $5,000 or $10,000 limits.  […]

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Your Car Loan Approval Is Waiting

If you are looking to buy your first car you may be uncertain of the procedure for getting finance. You may be just starting your first job but have reasonable prospects and believe that you can afford the costs involved in running a car. As long as you have reached the age of 18 and are looking to borrow a minimum of £2,000 then you are likely to find someone willing to advance the money as long as you can show your ability to pay the monthly installments. […]

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Don’t Buy Without a Discount

How often do you shop online? Do you ever get to the checkout page and realize that the promotion code box is blank and it drives you crazy? I sometimes spend 5-10 minutes searching for a code because I am sure that there has to be one out there. And, if I don’t find one I feel like I’m getting ripped off by paying full price! My motto is, “Never Buy Without a Discount.”

Many times, recreation is a spur of the moment decision, but it doesn’t mean that you should always pay full price to have a good time. If you are heading out to go bowling, check the website of the bowling alley that you plan to go to. Most alleys have promotions going on – whether it be “all you can bowl” for an hour, or buy a game get one free. There are deals everywhere! […]

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3 Jobs Where the Long Hours Actually Pay Off

Many people tend to complain about their jobs, this could be because they don’t like their job or because they think that it is “hard.” There’s a notion that working long hours really doesn’t pay off in personal satisfaction and you should have time for other activities. This paradigm is wrong, however, when it comes to these careers. People with these jobs work big hours and get paid big money, which is the American way.


You probably knew that this occupation would be on the list. Many people with the hopes and dreams of becoming doctors have to look at their time as a long-term investment. Some doctors in their residency work the longest hours of their career. These can be anywhere from 80-100 hours of work at a generally low salary. This goes on for a full year or even multiple years depending on what specialty the doctor is going into.

Then the doctor can be hired on by a hospital after this, the hours get shorter by an incremental amount though. The pay is the thing that increases immensely after the residency is over. Nurses also experience the plight of working long hours, which nearly always rise well above and beyond 40 hours per week. This can range anywhere from multiple 12 to 16 hour shifts during the week. […]

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Energy Savings: How to Use Solar Energy as Leverage

Renewable power sources are getting quite popular these days with the ongoing campaign to go green. Out of all the renewable energy sources, solar energy happens to be one of the most popular among households as energy from the sun can be harnessed with the use of solar panels and estimating the amount of your cash outlay can be done easily with the price estimator from AGL Solar Energy. Many homeowners decide to install solar panels for the desire to go green and at the same time decrease their dependence on local energy sources. With the rising cost of energy, it would be to the benefit of every family to look for ways and means to decrease their electric bills without being deprived of using their gadgets and appliances and this can be best done by using solar energy. Here’s a list of the reasons why going for solar energy is advantageous for you: […]

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What to Look for in a Tracking System

As a human resource professional, searching for the perfect applicant requires a considerable amount of effort. If you feel like you are drowning beneath a sea of applications and resumes, it might be time to reach out for help. A tracking and organizational system can help you get this issue under control so that you can quickly fill that open position. However, not all systems are built the same. Before committing to one offering, take a moment to consider the attributes of strong applicant database software. […]

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Is Your Side Hustle Ready For Prime Time?

If you’re like many hustlers, you probably have a million ideas in your head for what you might want to start on the side. Whether it’s a food truck or a eCommerce site or a kiosk in the mall, your head is full of ideas to the point that it might actually be paralyzing you.

The key to wrangling your thoughts is to start plucking these ideas out of your head and putting them on paper. Then you need to analyze each one and decide whether it’s something you want to pursue or if it’s something you believe will not work.

The goal of this exercise is to go through your list of ideas and settle on one that you think gives you the best chance for success. Then execute it, as cheaply and quickly as possible, to find out if it will work. If it does, fantastic! If it doesn’t, move onto the next one best opportunity.

So how do you analyze these opportunities? […]

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Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

Although car insurance can be highly valuable for your peace of mind and could give you some much-needed financial relief, for example, if you suffer a personal injury in a car accident, it can also be very expensive. That is why, if you have car insurance,it’s a good idea to attempt to reduce the amount that you regularly have to pay for it where possible. Here are a few tips to help you to do just that.

Don’t accept a renewal quote

It is often not a good idea to just accept a renewal quote from your existing insurer, even if you have built up a tidy no-claims bonus. This is because insurance businesses rarely give financial perks to existing customers; on the contrary, they often offer large discounts to potential customers  and higher premiums  to existing customers for exactly the same cover. Protest by voting with your feet. […]

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What Does a ‘No-Cost Refi’ Really Mean?

The pitch for a no-cost refinance sounds pretty attractive: replace your current mortgage with a lower-interest rate mortgage and pay nothing for the privilege of doing it. But before signing on the dotted line, it’s important to realize that “no cost” doesn’t typically mean “free” when it comes to refinancing.

The true meaning of “no cost”

No-cost refis usually mean that borrowers won’t pay upfront costs to get the new mortgage loan — so they might better be called “no-initial-out-of-pocket-cost refis” — but that doesn’t mean the loan won’t cost in the long run. In general, there are two ways a lender can offer a no-cost refinance: […]