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Pulling Off A $5,000 Wedding

I’m a Twitter-aholic. I mean, I have a serious Twitter problem.  If you check my Twitter feed, there are tweets going out all day all the way until at least 7pm Eastern time every single day.  So, I bumped into this hash tag, #5Kwedding where people are essentially making fun of individuals who may have […]

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How A Challenged Turned $500 Into $25,000 In Sales

Last year I joined a friendly challenge between personal finance bloggers hosted by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents.  We each had to invest $1,000 of our own money and at the end of 2014 we would see who had the most left.  I love these kinds of challenges because I get to poke fun […]

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October 1 Debt Check

I’m struggling. Financially, no.  I’m struggling with the direction of this blog both from a perspective of where it is and where I want it to go.  Every month for the past five plus years I have filled you in on how I was doing financially.  For the past two months I have not done […]

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July 1 Debt Check…And Other Stuff

I’m 14 days overdue, but with good reason. I wanted to wait a bit to share some news with you in this post instead of making a whole separate post about it later. Let’s see.  We’re deep into July and heading towards August at full speed.  It’s been a wonderful summer so far, much like […]


How I Can Afford To Retire At 40

I promised that I would share how I plan on retiring at 40, so this is it.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how a regular Jane can do this, here’s your chance.  First, we have to get one thing out of the way before we even talk about my actual plans: Retirement does not […]

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Entrepreneurship Is Not About The Money

I constantly get into disagreements with my other half about working too hard and being too focused on money.  He thinks that I have both of those issues. I agree to disagree. Yes, I work hard.  I put in nine to ten hour days at work then get home and run my own small business […]


I Don’t Buy Christmas Gifts And I’m Not Sorry

I have a confession that will seem very Grinch-like: I don’t buy Christmas gifts and I don’t want anyone else to buy gifts for me either. I used to be like everyone else; scrambling every year deciding who to get what while worry about spending money that I didn’t have.  I would think of who […]