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How A Challenged Turned $500 Into $25,000 In Sales

Last year I joined a friendly challenge between personal finance bloggers hosted by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents.  We each had to invest $1,000 of our own money and at the end of 2014 we would see who had the most left.  I love these kinds of challenges because I get to poke fun […]

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October 1 Debt Check

I’m struggling. Financially, no.  I’m struggling with the direction of this blog both from a perspective of where it is and where I want it to go.  Every month for the past five plus years I have filled you in on how I was doing financially.  For the past two months I have not done […]

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July 1 Debt Check…And Other Stuff

I’m 14 days overdue, but with good reason. I wanted to wait a bit to share some news with you in this post instead of making a whole separate post about it later. Let’s see.  We’re deep into July and heading towards August at full speed.  It’s been a wonderful summer so far, much like […]


How I Can Afford To Retire At 40

I promised that I would share how I plan on retiring at 40, so this is it.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how a regular Jane can do this, here’s your chance.  First, we have to get one thing out of the way before we even talk about my actual plans: Retirement does not […]

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Entrepreneurship Is Not About The Money

I constantly get into disagreements with my other half about working too hard and being too focused on money.  He thinks that I have both of those issues. I agree to disagree. Yes, I work hard.  I put in nine to ten hour days at work then get home and run my own small business […]


I Don’t Buy Christmas Gifts And I’m Not Sorry

I have a confession that will seem very Grinch-like: I don’t buy Christmas gifts and I don’t want anyone else to buy gifts for me either. I used to be like everyone else; scrambling every year deciding who to get what while worry about spending money that I didn’t have.  I would think of who […]

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Your Car Loan Approval Is Waiting

If you are looking to buy your first car you may be uncertain of the procedure for getting finance. You may be just starting your first job but have reasonable prospects and believe that you can afford the costs involved in running a car. As long as you have reached the age of 18 and […]