Don’t Let Your Life Insurance Lapse… Do This Money Making Move Instead

This is a guest post from my friend Eric Rosenberg, a personal finance blogger and podcaster at Personal Profitability in partnership with Mason Finance. He writes about personal finance, credit cards, entrepreneurship, and technology. You may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean you are stingy. Knowing where and how to spend and invest is important[…]

Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Your Employer’s Life Insurance

For the first time in my life I’m buying life insurance. I’ve always had life insurance coverage through my various employers, but I never bothered to purchase my own life insurance because I thought that I didn’t need it, and honestly I probably didn’t.  I had absolutely no assets, plenty of debt, no children, no[…]

When Insurance Companies Fail: A Case Made For the AIG Bail Out

Just about all of us recall the events that transpired back in 2008 which led to the United States’ financial melt-down and a whirlwind of debate over one question: “Do we bail them out, or do we not?” Part of the “we” in this scenario was AIG – American International Group – the insurance giant;[…]

5 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is very important. It’s your safety net in case something bad happens. Although that safety net is needed, you also need to be able to support your family. If you are struggling to pay your homeowner’s insurance rates every month, following these five steps could reduce your rates: Multi-Policy Discounts Most insurance companies[…]

Should You Coordinate Benefits With Your Spouse?

The short answer to that question is yes.  As long as it’s in your best financial interest as a couple you should definitely coordinate benefits with your spouse.  Having health, dental and life insurance through your employer is part of a total benefits package that also includes your salary, paid vacation time and retirement savings[…]

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Welcome to Yes, I Am Cheap.  Since 2009 I have been documenting my own journey out of debt and sharing which techniques have worked and which I have completely failed at.  I have been the guinea pig of just about everything debt related and by now, I’ve learned enough to share everything with you.  Whether[…]