A Dripping Tap Is Costing You Money

For many busy households with hectic jobs and packed social calendars, a dripping tap isn’t much of a cause for concern. However, ignore this seemingly tiny issue at your peril – you’ll literally be allowing water to go down the drain if you don’t get it sorted sooner rather than later. While it may not require the services of an emergency plumber, you may need to call out a plumber at some stage to get the job sorted once and for all.

Tackling the job yourself
If you’d rather try out your DIY skills and give it a go, then fixing a dripping tap can be relatively straightforward. You need a few tools, a bit of know-how and a little elbow grease.

To start, turn off the water supply and insert the plug in the sink hole – this will ensure that no small parts fall down the drain. Next, unscrew the nut on the tap. While carrying out this task, it’s important to hold onto the spout of the tap, otherwise you could end up with a cracked basin or pipe leak. You aim is to take out the valve so you can check on the condition of the washer. An old and squashed washer is the most likely cause of a leak.

Replacement parts
If a worn washer was the source of the problem, you’ll need to buy a replacement – they’re available from all good DIY stores. Once you’ve got the replacement in, re-tighten the nuts on the tap.

Tap still leaking?
Look into whether the leak is coming from the tap spindle or whether the tap is vibrating during use. This can indicate that the gland packing O-ring seals need replacing.

Meanwhile, older brass taps could have developed cavities and become porous. Sadly, in this situation there’s often no other alternative than changing the taps entirely.

Unsure of doing the work?
While fixing a dripping tap may seem simple to some, others may not find it so easy. It’s in these situations that people can find having plumbing insurance offers real peace of mind, ensuring that sorting out a repair or replacements doesn’t end up costing lots of time, hassle, and most importantly, money. With this cover in place, you can relax in the knowledge you can call out an expert to do the work – and where there’s no excess to pay, may not pay a penny for his time and effort.


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3 thoughts on “A Dripping Tap Is Costing You Money

  • This is written beautifully; I think even I could tackle this based on your instructions! Usually the hubby likes to do these things, but maybe I’ll tackle the next one 🙂

    • Women are doing things for ourselves! I can’t WAIT until I finish putting in the floors in my house where it was just me and the SIL…no men!

  • From first hand experience, I can tell you that leaving a seemingly innocent dripping tap unattended has bad repercussions. We didn’t fix ours for a couple of weeks and now the ceiling below the bathroom has started to leak and crack 🙁 Seriously act as soon as possible!

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