How to Beat the Summer Heat

With sweltering heat waves breaking records all across the nation, everyone is searching for ways to beat the summer heat.  And during these times of financial uncertainty, they’re also searching for ways to save money while they cool off.  Some interesting ideas have surfaced, sparking a new trend that’s growing rapidly.  From modern green solutions to old-fashioned workarounds, people are beginning to find innovative ways to cool off and save money.

First, you need to eliminate sources of excessive heat in your home.  Uncovered windows, for example, allow the sun’s rays to pour inside all throughout the day.  Appliances can also produce heat, even whenever they are turned off.  Unplugging your electronics whenever they are not being used not only helps cool your house off, it also saves money on your energy bill.  There are also special power bars that can help you manage the power consumption of your electronic devices by allowing you to set a timer to automatically disconnect power to appliances.

Next, you need to find ways to get around your central air system.  It may do a great job of cooling off your house, but the utility prices of maintaining a comfortable temperature can be substantial.  You won’t really be able to beat the summer heat with this system unless you are ready to empty your wallet.  Most homes can maintain a comfortable temperature with the thermostat set in the upper 70s or low 80s if a high quality ceiling fan is installed.  This is especially true for homes that are well shaded from the sun.  Although covering windows with curtains is essential, providing outdoor shade is even more effective.  You may consider planning a tree, attaching some shutters, or installing an awning to keep the sun out.  You may also want to replace your central air system with a geothermal heat pump.  These eco-friendly appliances pump the cool air that naturally exists under your home into your ventilation system, removing the expense of traditional units that convert hot air into cold air.  Although these solutions may require an initial investment, they provide some of the best ways to beat the summer heat while also saving you money over time.

If you just need to cool off one room at a time, swamp coolers may be the answer.  These useful devices are small enough to fit in any room, and modern versions no longer require the unit to be installed in a window.  In fact, most are even light enough to be easily carried from one room to another.  These appliances cool the air by slowly evaporating water that is poured inside of it.  They are typically powerful enough to cool off a large living room or even an entire studio apartment and are especially useful in arid and desert environments.  Best of all, many can be found for less than $100.00 and use a minimal amount of power.  This is definitely the best way to beat the summer heat for those living in the American southwest.

To keep your body cool, you may also want to consider the food and beverages you consume.  If you spend your day snacking on cool treats like grapes, apples, and popsicles, you will find that your body keeps cooler naturally.  You may also want to keep glasses of water in the refrigerator until you become thirsty.  That way, they are cool and crisp enough to help cool you off.  You won’t find a better way to beat the summer heat than one that cools you off from the inside.

When all else fails head to the mall!  The air conditioning is always free!  Just don’t buy anything.

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6 thoughts on “How to Beat the Summer Heat

  • I’ve read that when it’s really hot, you should drink a HOT beverage, like coffee or tea, because it somehow forces your body to cool it down to room temperature, and that makes your whole body cooler. And then when it’s really cold, you should drink COLD things, for the opposite reason. The explanation to me has always been something like, “Why do you think people in India and China drink so much tea?”

    I don’t know how true that is, but I’ve never found drinking coffee during a heatwave to make me HOTTER, to maybe?

    • I’ve heard this, too. A dietician (sp? sorry…) explained it to me like this: a cold drink has to be brought back to your body’s normal temperature in order to be processed properly. So your body is actually doing more work, expending more energy, and thus creating more heat when you drink something cold. I think she said lukewarm drinks were the best. Hot stuff like pepppers make you sweat. Then the sweat serves as your body’s natural AC system. I don’t know about tea, though. Maybe spicy tea?

  • Remember to maintain your A/C by changing your filters. I also close off rooms I am not using. Use of fans can also help and setting the temperature at 78 degrees.

  • I’ve been hiding away in my home office with the blinds closed, the lights off, and the ceiling fan on just so I don’t kill our electricity bill while working from home during the summer. It’s cozy and helps me concentrate as well. 🙂

  • Great tips! Also, sleeping downstairs where it is cooler (since warm air rises) is sometimes an easy solution.

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