Cheapskate Idea: Clothing Swap

Have you ever swapped or borrowed clothes from a friend? Ladies, I know you probably have but the men might not have. Guys, please bear with me for this post. Maybe you’ve traded clothing with your friends for your kids or “passed down” some baby clothes. Those are all great ideas so I thought, why can’t we do a clothing swap for adults.

Now hear me out before you think I’m nuts. Professional clothing and event clothing can be pretty expensive. Well, it is if you don’t shop for clothing at Walmart and the like. It can really eat into a decent amount of cash. But if you have a group of friends where at least 2 of you are the same size why not have a a swap party?

The idea here is that you would bring a couple pieces that you wouldn’t mind parting with permanently or for a specific time. You would get to introduce a few new articles of clothing into your wardrobe, and your friend will too without having to buy or sell anything. A couple rules should apply here:

  1. If it’s not a permanent trade, make sure your friend isn’t a slob
  2. You don’t want to be the one swapping Saks for H&M clothes
  3. You can’t swap a size 14 for a size 10 knowing that it won’t fit. Seriously.
  4. Be sure to launder the clothes before returning
  5. Set up your return and/or next swap date ahead of time

I know this one is a bit unorthodox but I think it has the potential to really save some money. You don’t have to do this with adult clothes. Maybe just the kids! Small children don’t know the difference anyway. Again, I would only encourage you to do this with good friends or people you wouldn’t mind cursing out if there is a sudden hole in your Calvin Klein pants. I’m just saying, I warned you.

Oh yes and there are some places that do the clothing swap thing on a large scale. You only want to swap things you’ll get rid of. Here’s a place Men, there is a swap for you too on there. Oh and do a Google search for more places. Just punch in “clothing swap” and your local city.

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6 thoughts on “Cheapskate Idea: Clothing Swap

    • Thanks for sharing this one. Of of the hot “new” companies is for moms swapping baby clothes. Why didn’t I think of this back in 2009?!!!

  • This would be awesome! The only trick is to make friends my size…I’m short and chubby (well, not as chubby anymore) and my friends are either really large or tiny, tiny. I’m going to see if there is a Yahoo Meetup in my area for this. Thanks!

  • I love this idea; I also like stores like Plato’s Closet where they pay you for your old clothes. After I’m done selling, I shop in the store. They have name brand clothes for good prices.

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