Cheapskate Video Pick: Japanese Micro House

It’s another Monday and to be quite honest with you, my brain is in sleep mode.  I spent the weekend doing some gardening, painting the house, replacing a window and cleaning and I’m beat.  I have loads to write but my brain isn’t participating, and for the life of me I can’t find my purse.  So instead of boring you to death, how about a cheapskate video?!

We are so overdue for one of these.

Last week we spoke a little bit about minimalism and the tiny house movement, but I wanted to add a little bit more to that topic, especially after all the work that I did this weekend.  It might be a new movement here in the U.S., but the Japanese are experts at living in tiny homes.

I know that the tsunami has devastated the northern part of Japan, but I am confident that they will rebuild, and perhaps they will rebuild some tiny homes.  Plus, I love the ultra-modern Japanese aesthetic. I love that they sacrifice very little to live this lifestyle. It might work if I were Japanese sized. Check out this video from one year ago.

And then of course, a U.S. version.

If you’re interested in this subject, watch the more in depth video on Japanese micro houses (kyosho jutaku) by playing the sitewide video located to your right.

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