Four Month Check In

Four Month CheckIt’s time to see how my finances are doing. This is April, the fourth month of my attempt to reduce my debt. I began the month with a total debt of $99,163.80 and was quite happy to have cracked the 6-figure mark. You have no clue how happy I was to get below that number.

I had no goal for April, just the general one to reduce my debt, but I do have two for May. I would like to see the car loan down below $3,500 and the personal loan around $400. Those are the two loans that I would like to get rid of first then I will begin working on my credit card and the demon, the HELOC. I like tackling things two at a time. It makes me feel good.

I am beginning May with a debt total of $97,754.58 which means that I reduced my debt by $1,409.22 in May which was more than 70% of my take home pay for the month. That was awesome! How did I manage to do that? I slashed my grocery spending in (almost) half by stacking and doubling coupons. I also traded coupons with my mom and my brother’s girlfriend (hey Sonya!) and took advantage of some great sales and specials. I didn’t drive much so I saved the gas money, and used a free entree coupon for my birthday brunch at IHOP (I have no shame). I also made very few purchases that used my own personal cash and instead opted to use my birthday money. Oh, and as much as I wanted to hit the nail and beauty salon for my birthday I decided that I can continue looking like a mess. Plus, short hair is high maintenance. 🙂

So far, I am down $8,069.59 in debt for the year. I think I’m trucking along. I can’t wait to see what May brings.

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1 thought on “Four Month Check In

  • WOW – so happy to be the winner of your green birthday giveaway!! Thank you so much, and Happy Happy Birthday once again!

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