Saving Money Everywhere

So it’s February. I managed to finish my month of January without spending money on anything but necessities, copays and medication. So I ended the month with $168.73 in the bank. That’s a huge difference from the $7 I had in my checking account at the end of December. Go me, go me, go me. Anyway so since I’m out of January I decided to pick up some things. First, I took the car for a wash. It was FILTHY from not being washed since December. Anyway I spent $7.95 for full service and got 11 gallons of gas at $1.95. But get this, since I got the car wash and a full tank of gas from the same place I got a rebate of $0.20 per gallon of gas so my gas actually cost me $1.75 per gallon and I walked away with $2.20 in my pocket.
So then I zipped over to Walmart to pick up antifreeze and vitamins. The vitamins were $3.00 less than at the Vitamin shop and the antifreeze was $3.25 less than at Pep Boy’s. But wait, there’s more! So on the way home I stopped by my favorite discount store. They basically get the closeout things from a few well known store. So I got a pair of khaki pants and a black collared shirt from Lane Bryant that originally were $80 total for $7.92 with tax included.

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