erase-debt - credit cards - Tips for Paying Off 2015 Holiday Debt

Tips for Paying Off 2018 Holiday Debt

If you’re not paying pay cash during the past Christmas season, your credit card bills from the 2018 holiday season will start hitting you mailbox in January. Are you ready to feel the pinch from buying grandma that must have sweater for Christmas? According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales is expected to increase[…]

erase-debt - credit cards - Tips for Paying Off 2015 Holiday Debt

The Consequences of Too Much Debt

It’s important to remember that not all debt is bad and that most people owe at least one creditor. Maybe you took out a student loan to attend college, or perhaps you financed a car or house. In these situations, getting a loan is practically the only way to get what you need – and some experts view these as “good debt.”

But although there are “good” and “bad” debts, owing a lot can have costly consequences. Rather than thinking of debt as simply the American way, make sure you fully understand the costs of carrying a balance.  […]

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The Worst Credit Score I Have Ever Seen

I’m in the market for a new set of tenants these days.  On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting two young ladies and their entire family as they came to look at what will be their first apartment.  I sent both girls a link to an electronic background and credit check service that I am now using on all tenants since the last one decided to become a drug dealer.

Once they agreed to the terms and paid the application fee, I was given access to their criminal history and credit check.  While I learned that they were not on the terror watch list, I also learned that they are young, cute, sweet, and broke.  In fact, one of them has the worst credit score that I have ever seen in my life.  I knew that a score under 500 was possible, but I had just never actually seen a score beginning with a 4, especially since it’s attached to a 21 year old.  Let’s refer to her as Ms. Holy-Crap-That’s-A-Horrible-Score. […]

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New Infographic Explores Generational Differences When It Comes To Debt

The average American carries almost $80,000 in debt and has a credit score of 751 – a number that falls into the “C” range on VantageScore’s A to F grading scale. While these figures alone paint a general impression of the state of personal debt and credit in the United States today, there are considerable differences among Americans of different statuses and backgrounds. For example, even though income isn’t calculated into your credit score, wealthier Americans generally have a greater capacity to pay off their debt and achieve a high rating. […]

Debt After Death: What Happens?

Debt After Death: What Happens?

Many people wonder what happens to their or their loved ones’ debt after they pass away and worry that those left behind will be stuck paying for their debt. Close relatives to the family member that died are generally not liable for most debt. Each state has its own laws regarding debt after death, so if you have specific questions, it is best to speak with an estate lawyer. […]

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Tips for Choosing How to Tackle Your Debt

One of the most common questions for people seeking debt relief, is whether or not debt consolidation is the right choice, but there is no definitive answer this question.  Your financial difficulties, even though they might be the same as someone you know, might require a a different answer depending on your situation.  For some, debt consolidation might be the answer.  For others a debt repayment plan might be the best solution.  For still others, bankruptcy, yes, bankruptcy might actually be the best choice. […]

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Save on Core Expenses to Help Get Out of Debt

When we find ourselves mired in debt, we try to do all that we can to stave off those bankruptcy lawyers and rectify the situation. We take on a second job, look to consolidate, and cut all unnecessary expenses. It goes without saying that the new car, new smartphone, and Caribbean vacation are probably not the best purchases for someone trying to emerge from debt.

Few people, however, think to cut those expenses that ultimately matter most: the core expenses. These involve rent, utilities, food, and transportation costs. While all of these expenses are necessary, they also, usually, have some fat that can be cut. Here are some ideas: […]

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My Debt Consolidation Experience and Rules

Did I ever tell you guys that I had previously paid off over $20K in debt way back in my early 20’s? No? Well that’s another story for me to put up here some day, but that experience taught me loads about debt consolidation services. If you find yourself in debt and are considering a debt consolidation or their services, please read this article before picking up the phone. […]