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How I Doubled My Net Worth In Five Years On A Crappy Salary

With all of the things that I share on this site my net worth has never been one of them. It’s not like I’m an incredibly private person, but I always felt as if I should hold at least ONE thing close to the chest. That’s about to go right out the window.

Blogging buddy J. Money asked bloggers if we were willing to share our net worth and I guess I felt challenged enough to (1) calculate that number and then (2) share that with the world (okay, the three of you who read this site).

You already know about my debt. This blog was established with the sole purpose of documenting my way out and upward and it’s been some ride.

When I started this blog way back my very first post detailed my debt of $105,665.31 and optimism. I started owing less money than I do now but the circumstances are so much more different (grammatically incorrect, but it stays) than they were then. Back in 2009 the only thing that I owned was my debt and two degrees…and a lemon of a newish car that I had to have constantly repaired at the dealer. […]

Recession Creates Record Wealth Gap Between Whites and Minorities

Recession Creates Record Wealth Gap Between Whites and Minorities

The Great Recession didn’t just bring us the Tea Party, foreclosures and a return to frugality.  According to the Pew Research Center the Great Recession decimated the net worth of blacks and Hispanics, further widening the wealth divide between whites and minorities.  Up until the housing meltdown, blacks had 10 cents of wealth for every dollar of wealth held by whites. The median wealth of white households is now 20 times that of black households, and 18 times that of Hispanic households.  This gap is the widest that it has been since the government began tracking and publishing its Survey of Income and Program Participation 25 years ago. […]