10 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

There are few concerns that are more stressful than wondering what would happen to your family in the event of you passing.  If some tragedy were to come against you, how would your family survive?  Do they already have the means necessary to maintain their current standard of living?  Or do they face the risk of losing their home?  Fortunately, there is a way to meet your family’s needs even after your demise.  A life insurance plan will ensure that your family members receive the help they need at a time when they need it most.  Of course, saving money on your life insurance plan is just as important as investing in one.  That’s why this brief guide will quickly show you 10 ways to save money on life insurance. […]

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Don’t Buy Without a Discount

How often do you shop online? Do you ever get to the checkout page and realize that the promotion code box is blank and it drives you crazy? I sometimes spend 5-10 minutes searching for a code because I am sure that there has to be one out there. And, if I don’t find one I feel like I’m getting ripped off by paying full price! My motto is, “Never Buy Without a Discount.”

Many times, recreation is a spur of the moment decision, but it doesn’t mean that you should always pay full price to have a good time. If you are heading out to go bowling, check the website of the bowling alley that you plan to go to. Most alleys have promotions going on – whether it be “all you can bowl” for an hour, or buy a game get one free. There are deals everywhere! […]

How To Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Mortgage Without Refinancing

How To Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Mortgage Without Refinancing

Interest rates recently fell to 3.750% for a 30-year fixed mortgage.  This historically low rate has prompted many homeowners to refinance their current mortgages in order to get the lowest rate possible.  A coworker recently closed on her home only to witness the new, lower rate literally two weeks later.  She thought about refinancing her newly obtained mortgage, but I showed her a quick and simple way to save thousands off her mortgage without paying for a refinance.  I’ll share that with you now. […]

College Student

Saving Money As A College Student

Few things are more exciting that knowing that you are seeking a brighter future with a college degree.  However, it can also consume a great deal of your time, limiting the hours that you can spend working and making money every week.  Even worse, your expenses on tuition, books, supplies, and personal needs are sure to pile up quickly.  Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to save money as a college student.  Many college graduates have learned the hard way, including yours truly, that their post-secondary education provides the perfect storm for racking up more debt than their new career can handle.          […]

Home-Based Cost Cutting Techniques

Home-Based Cost Cutting Techniques

The root of many poor spending decisions starts right at home. It’s from here where many families show how their approach towards spending ends up greatly reducing the money that comes into their family budget. Americans, in general, have a higher standard of living than many other developing countries and our collective addiction to debt causes us to go into foreclosure or bankruptcy while trying to keep up with the Joneses. Before a household can begin to reduce their expenditures outside the home, it’s important to first look inside the home and ask yourself some difficult questions about the way you and your family lives. […]

How to Go Green in Big Ways Without Breaking the Bank

How to Go Green in Big Ways Without Breaking the Bank

It’s not easy going green. It’s usually pretty expensive. Most efforts at making your home energy efficient and therefore making money savings possible require big investments. But there are a few ways you can cut down on your energy bill as well as alter it a little bit that allow you to take big measures in energy efficiency without spending a lot of money or time doing it. […]

Is A Cheap Credit Card A Good Credit Card?0

Is A Cheap Credit Card A Good Credit Card?

For consumers considering a credit card, there is a great variety of cards available on the market being offered and many of these are often enticingly advertised as being cheap. This raises the question for many consumers, who might be inundated with choice, as to whether a cheap card can really be a good card.

One of the keys things to note when considering the true cost of a card is that there is a difference between just interest rates and the annual percentage rates, otherwise known as APR. It is also important to note other fees that may be incurred with the possession of a card. […]

Secured Loan - Money Saving iPhone Apps

Money Saving iPhone Apps

There are literally thousands and thousands of iPhone apps available which cover a huge range of tastes and requirements. They vary from jokes, games and social networking availability through to serious business applications enabling trade on the Stock Exchange and a virtual office.

Somewhere in the middle are potentially hundreds of very useful money saving apps which are suitable for everyone. Some are offered free of charge but others, although chargeable, will offer savings far above the initial cost of the app or the annual subscription fee. […]

Go Green: 5 Products That You Should Avoid Using

Today’s post is a repost from Miss T at the awesome blog, Prairie Ecothrifter. She covers finance with a green spin.

If you would like to help conserve energy and protect the environment then you have to be sure to avoid harmful products. Knowing the products to avoid is as important as knowing the products that you should be using. In order to help you with your eco-friendly quest, here is a list of products that you should avoid and products that you can replace them with as well. […]

When Is It Okay To Dip Into Your Savings?

If you’re lucky enough to be able to sacrifice some of your income to put in savings, you might not necessarily be thinking about what the money will one day be used for.  If you’re sitting there reading this and you do have money in savings, do you already have it earmarked for something? Perhaps you’re saving towards something you need or want to buy, or maybe you’re just saving for a rainy day.

In either of these cases, there will come a time when you need to dip into your savings. Whether it is because you’ve reached the savings goal you set yourself, or you’ve woken up to a particularly rainy day, you’ll need to make the assessment on whether or not it is time to dip into your savings. […]