This Is A Stick-up. Gimme Your Financial Aid

Performance artist Carvens Lissaint robs to get his financial aid…well, he does so verbally anyway.  His TedYouth video below is inspiring in just how desperate students are for financial aid and how important financial aid is for students.

One of the most stirring lines in this entire video is when he said, “My ancestors did sit-in just so I can sit in a classroom.” He then goes on to say that student loan debt “sounds like the rust of shackles locking their way onto my degree.”

Have a minute? Watch Carvens at work.

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6 thoughts on “This Is A Stick-up. Gimme Your Financial Aid

  • Wow. This is powerful. As someone who chose to take on a lot of debt for school, I go back and forth — happy that I was given the option, less happy at having to pay it back. Not sure what the right answer is….

    • I like the option. I just wish there was education on how financial aid works up front. Kinda of like a quiz. I can already picture the questions on the quiz. Did you know that most student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy? Did you know that the average student owes $26K when they leave school which takes 10 years on average to repay? Did you know that your monthly payment will be X per month? Stuff like that.

  • Wow, that piece is so powerful! I love it. I’m glad I could go to school, but hate how much debt I’m in. I thought going to a “good school” in NYC would be enough, but it wasn’t. I’m doing my best to pay it back, but I still think it’s ludicrous. I think of what creative ideas are getting killed because people feel strangled by student loans.

  • Even though my expensive private college education introduced me to my wife and set my life on an awesome trajectory, I still wish I wasn’t just now paying off the last of my debt. It has delayed many of my other financial goals. I only wish that someone had a transparent conversation about what the implications of student loan debt are. “I’m about to go gansta scholar up in here.” Classic line.

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