11th Month Check In

Man, time flies. I’ve completed 10 full months of this and now we’ve entered the 11th month. This is going so much faster than I thought it would. I actually wrote this post last Sunday, but the computer crashes when I got to the end before I saved it so I was too pissed off to even look at the computer again. Oh well, time to see how I did in October.

Student Loan #1 $2,094.39
Student Loan #2 $38,535.24
Credit Card #1 $327.52
Credit Card #2 $4,278.00
HELOC $45,911.84
Personal Loan $0 Loving this!
Car Note $1,860.00
Total: $93,006.99

Student Loan #1 $2,048.37
Student Loan #2 $38,456.18
Credit Card #1 $412.46
Credit Card #2 $4,179.86
HELOC $45,903.37
Personal Loan $0 Loving this!
Car Note $1,415.40
Total: $92,415.64

I didn’t do so well last month. A few things popped up that I had to take care of including a vet visit and puppy medication. The puppy needs a public health plan ’cause that stuff is eXXXpensive. It’s obscene how expensive pet meds are. Anyway so that went onto the credit card. I also had to get a new pair of glasses and I broke a tooth so I had to pay for those things as well. Come to thing of it, forget the puppy! I need a public health plan. 🙂 I pretty much just paid the minimums on everything else. I had three goals last month. Let’s see how I did.

1) Get car note below $1,500 DONE
2) Student Loan #1 under $2,000 RATS!
3) Credit Card #1 below $300 RATS!

Next month you’ll see a personal loan pop up again. If you bid on my Prosper loan thank you! I guess I should get up some goals for November. Ah how tring to finish the last two I missed? Sounds good to me! I hope nothing else crazy pops up out of nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “11th Month Check In

  • It’s actually two loans for $38,535.24 ($9,491.33 @7.2% and $29,043.91 @3%). You have an awesome interest rate and I don’t know if your rate is fixed or not, but personally, I’d feel better without this balance hanging over me.

  • I, too, am on a very limited budget, but plan on shifting that budget around this month in order to accommodate a ten or twenty dollar donation. I used to be somewhat addicted to charity (i.e. donating with a credit card…not my money to give), and had to cut myself off, but desperate times call for…umm…slight alterations to my budget.

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