Happy New Year 2012!

We all made it onto the right side of 2012!  Happy New Year to you and you family.  I’m convinced that 2012 will be a banner year for me when it comes to both reducing my debt and increasing my income.  I have a kind of a weird electrical feeling pulsating around me, leaving me feel charged and pumped up about the New Year.

I’m so incredibly excited at the prospect of what is coming, that it’s almost a palpable thing.  I don’t know exactly what’s a head, but I know that I’m in charge of my own destiny.

I joined a new challenge for 2012.  It’s the $30K Challenge by the Online Money Bloggers.  This is a list of 30 bloggers, myself included, who have challenged each other to make $30,000 through our blogging efforts in the year 2012.  It’s not an going to be an easy challenge since I will need to make $2,500 each month to meet this goal.  That’s a huge undertaking, but I’m willing to at least try.

Every month, as I usually do, I will update you on how much I have made online and where my sources of income originated from.  You can always try to challenge yourself with making extra money as well!  Wish me luck.

On to some of the best posts that I found this week:

Alright, go off and enjoy your time off.  I’m actually going OUT today on a date with the BF.  We haven’t had one of those in years.  Don’t worry, I have a coupon.  😉

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