How Hedge Funds Killed Lehman & Tanked The Economy

I know that I’m beating a dead horse here, but if you’re still a little mad about the shellacking (thank you for that phrase President Obama) that the global economy has taken and want answers, boy, have I got some videos for you.

The videos below cover naked short selling and how the illegal activities of some large hedge funds basically ran two companies that were at least a generation old right into the ground leading thousands of people to be laid off (many of them my friends) and dragging down my 401K balance and the entire economy.

The SEC is a crap organization that goes after small fry insider traders while ignoring the Bernie Madoff type of schemers and billion dollar hedge fund managers that clearly manipulate the world economy for their own personal financial gain. Anyway, please watch the videos.

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8 thoughts on “How Hedge Funds Killed Lehman & Tanked The Economy

    • I’ll say this, I worked in the financial industry here in NY for 8 years and these companies were very well funded. Even with the whole mortgage crisis, it was BEYOND suspicious that these two very old companies failed virtually over a weekend in some cases. Anyone with half a brain knew that there was some market manipulation going on. I moved money into bonds at that point to mitigate risk but everyone’s portfolios fell about 30-35%.

    • I don’t have a problem with hedge funds per se, what I have a problem with is oversight. The SEC is a major FAILURE leaving some funds to operate like the wild-wild west. These things happen all the time, and most investors, even senior principals within these companies have no CLUE what “exotic” investment vehicles are being “created”. All they care about is the bottom line. The next way that people will use to manipulate the market is so called high frequency trading.

  • I think that is why they structure these instruments to be so complex so that no one can figure them out. This way the government cannot figure them out and regulate them. At least until they ultimately blow up.

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