I’m Not Gone, Just Detoured

DetouredHi! I know that everyone is wondering what the heck happened to me. I’m telling you God likes to test people and I hope that I’m passing. Short story, my laptop broke and buying a new computer is NOT in the plan, budget, or emergency funds right now. I’m way too busy at work to even sneak it in on my lunch time so I’ve been lax in posting.

My brother has been kind enough to lend me a laptop that he recently purchased secondhand. Personally, I think that it’s so I can build his website for free. It’s a work in progress but you can stop and check it out. I have to tell you, I had withdrawal symptoms. Okay, maybe not the shakes and things like that but I had visions of the blog and people like you thinking I had fallen off a major cliff somewhere. Nope, I’m right here.

I plan on updating you all on my financial situation at the end of the month. Progress is slow and painful, but I never expected it to be easy. I’ve learned that bumps in the road are just that. Oh, you might skin your knee a time of two but then you get up, wash it off, find a Band-aid, and hope it doesn’t leave too bad a scar. 🙂

I hope you guys don’t stone me for being missing, ’cause I’ve missed you all…Now back to work!

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