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Which Is Better For Saving: Leasing or Buying?

When looking for a new car, cost is always a consideration with all of the available options. If you are directly comparing leasing to buying to determine which is the smarter financial option, it is not strictly black and white. There are pros and cons associated with both options that need to be factored into the decision.


Pros of Leasing a Vehicle

The financial benefits of leasing a vehicle include: […]

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Four Ways to Upgrade Your Teen’s First Car on a Budget

You probably remember your first car fondly, no matter how much of a beater it was. It no doubt gave you your first taste of freedom and, no matter how unsightly your vehicle, it was yours. From the air freshener that hung from the rear view mirror to the cassette tapes you listened to while driving, it was the little things that made your first car memorable. That’s why, when your teen starts to drive, you may opt against the purchase of a new car in lieu of an older ride like you used to drive. This gives you the opportunity to help your teen fix up his ride like you once did.

Here are a few car upgrade options that can help your new driver upgrade his car on a budget – whether it’s on your dime or his. […]

How to Save 20 Percent On Car Expenses

How to Save 20 Percent On Car Expenses

The average person will spend over a half a million dollars in procuring transportation for him or herself over a lifetime. That’s a serious amount of money!  What many people do not know is that many of these expenses can be saved – up to around $100,000 for the average person. That is correct:  the average person can spend about 20% less on car expenses over a lifetime than he or she thinks.   If you want to keep an extra $100,000 in your pockets, here are some to save on car expenses: […]