4th Annual Earth Day Is My Birthday Giveaway

4th Annual Earth Day Is My Birthday Giveaway

I have the distinct honor of sharing my birthday with Earth Day on April 22. For the past three years, I’ve celebrated by giving away cash and featuring articles with a “green” theme all Earth Week. I’m continuing the tradition this year as well by giving you a chance to win up t0 $105 without jumping through hoops.

It’s pretty simple! I’m randomly giving $50 to one confirmed e-mail subscriber to this blog, so sign up below!

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Third Earth Day Is My Birthday Green Goods Giveaway

Third Earth Day Is My Birthday Green Goods Giveaway

It’s April and time for another giveaway! Before we get to the giveaway details let’s recap what we are celebrating. I share my birthday with Earth Day on April 22, and for the past three years I’ve used this time to educate you about going green. You’ve heard it all before. You know that you probably could do some things, but maybe you’ve thought that going green means eating nothing but lettuce and hugging trees all day. […]

Free Premium Federal Tax Filing From H&R Block

Today is January 31 and it’s the last day for your employer to prepare and mail out your W-2.  I know that many of you dread tax season, but frankly, I love it.  The government forces me to review how much money I’ve made over the past year, how much I paid out in taxes and even better, how much, if anything, they owe me.  This year will be my most complicated tax return year.  I am claiming income from my job, this blog, my business, and the investment property.  Yikes!  This won’t be fun and I’m not looking forward to it, but H&R Block has just stepped in to make my life and yours a little easier. […]

And The Winner Is…

Thank you for helping me celebrate my second blog anniversary on Wednesday.  Lots of you turned out for the party.  Wait, there was no party?  Cookies? No, no cookies either.  Oh, I know, it was for the giveaway that I offered where I pledged to hand out $25 to one lucky winner.

There were 105 entries to the giveaway.  Gosh, the recession must be in full swing still.  You all did wish me well also, so I know that it’s not just about the money.  It was a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.  I’d like to make one of you feel nice and warm and fuzzy with the sound of $25 extra jingling in your bank account.  Are you ready?  And the winner is… […]

It's Our Two Year Blogging Anniversay

It’s Our Two Year Blog Anniversay

Today is the second anniversary of the launch of this blog, and boy, have we both come a long way, baby. Two years ago, I did not have the love of my life (Puppy, of course), I was very unhappy, over $120,000 in debt and clueless as to what to do. After lurking around a multitude of personal finance blogs, I decided to start one myself. I have heard many times that ignorance is bliss, but I did not know the exact extent until earnestly blogging for the past few years. I laugh now at my ignorance, nay, arrogance then. […]