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Infographic: 10 Best Selling Products In The World

The Christmas buying season might just about be over, but we’re not flocking to stores to throw money at the sales people just around the holidays. I have an interesting infographic showing the 10 best selling products in the the world. I was somewhat surprised to see that books and a certain low tech puzzle[…]

Bill Payment - 5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Businesses Carbon Footprint

Bill Payment Practices of Gen Yers

Remember when you used to buy envelopes and stamps and then spent time writing out bills, licking and sealing all those envelopes and then mailing them in just to pay a bill? Yeah me neither. It seems like you Generation Y people are taking advantage of the technology available to you to pay your bills as well. According to a survey by Western Union 64% of this age group receive more than half of their bills online. I’m not in that age group but I get 100% of mine online. Why deal with paper when you don’t have to?

When was the last time that you wrote a check? 21% of Gen Yers have never written a check in their lives.  Honestly though, I don’t even have a check book for my checking account. Everything goes through the online bill pay with me.  Ain’t nobody got time fo’ checks!

Even more impressive, Gen Y is smart with their cash, probably because they’ve got massive student loans. 71% of Gen Yers in the survey planned on cutting unnecessary spending within the next six months. Smart!  If you’d like to learn more about how Generation Y handles their money, check out the infographic below. Click to enlarge. […]

Infographic: How Wise Are We With Money?

Financial literacy is not an educational priority in the United States.  In fact, only three states require one full semester class on personal finance in high school.  Do you know which states those are?

The fact is that teens need information.  While one in three have a summer job, more than 80% do not have a checking account which means that most do not know how to balance a checkbook.

Teens are not alone though.  Some 47% of adults say that stress over their finances make them sleep less.  I’m not surprised, because I have been there.  But all isn’t loss though, Americans have reduced their spending every year for the past four years.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on American and their money. […]

Living Paycheck To Paycheck Infographic

According to the infographic below nearly half of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In case of emergency, 25% of Americans have only $100 saved to contribute towards paying for an emergency. But if you think that it’s because Americans just suck at saving, that’s not the only reason. While inflation is on the rise, real income has decreased since the recession. Think about it: how much more are you paying for housing and food than you paid three years ago and how much higher is your paycheck? […]

The Money: The Cold Hard Facts Infographic

Chances are that money will pass through your fingers on a daily basis, but, how much do you know about the dollar bill that just left your hand?

Did you know that “In God We Trust” did not appear on paper currency until 1963? Or how about the face that a coin typically lasts 30 years while a $5 bill lasts less than 1.5 years?

This wonderful infographic below has all sorts of fun facts about money that might just surprise you. Click to enlarge. […]

College Dropout Rates Around The World

If you’ve spent more than 2 days on this blog, you’ll find that I am BIG on education.  I’m all for education as a means of both learning and wealth building.  Traditionally, we have been taught that finishing high school and pursuing a college education is the way to go, but unfortunately, many people do not finish college and instead drop out.

Did you know that the U.S. has the highest college drop out rate in the world?  According to a new study by Fidelity, 70% of the class of 2013 is graduating with an average of $35,000 in college-related debt including federal, state and private loans, credit cards and debt owed to family.  Many college dropouts leave with debt that might be hard to repay. […]

Tracking the Journey of the Global Superwealthy Infographic

I’m the kind of person who avidly awaits the annual ranking of most wealthy individuals. I like to see how their net worth of the world’s wealthiest individuals fluctuate and just what made them so wealthy.

While there are more than 29 million individuals worldwide with a net worth greater than $1M, there are 3.1 billion people with a net worth of less than $10,000. With a net worth just abut breaking even, I’m in the latter group. Today I’m sharing an infographic showcasing the wealth gap. […]