Living Paycheck To Paycheck Infographic

According to the infographic below nearly half of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In case of emergency, 25% of Americans have only $100 saved to contribute towards paying for an emergency. But if you think that it’s because Americans just suck at saving, that’s not the only reason. While inflation is on the rise, real income has decreased since the recession. Think about it: how much more are you paying for housing and food than you paid three years ago and how much higher is your paycheck? […]

Raising a Family on Less Than $600 a Month

My post called Don’t Have Kids if You Can’t Afford them has stirred up a little controversy.  I’ve been called everything from “bitter” to “elitist” and accused of class warfare on a couple of forums.  Not so.  There are millions of families that were perfectly comfortable before now experiencing extended unemployment and a reversal of[…]

rice - Worldwide Hike In Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty

Worldwide Hike In Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty

Food prices have spiked to record levels since bad weather in many parts of the world led to millions of tons of crops being damaged. In 2010 there were floods in Australia, droughts in Russia followed by record snow storms in Canada and the United States. Add to that record high gas prices which are expected to continue to rise and we have the perfect storm for high food prices. […]