Tenant From Hell Threatens Me

I know that I haven’t updated you on my entire weekend with my tenant from hell, but I promise you that a long and detailed post on it is coming up. I just couldn’t pass this one up. Today is June 30 and I came in to my office to a voicemail from my tenant threatening me with legal action because I changed the locks on my house…the house that she moved out of…from last weekend. This is the same house that she assured me that she no longer had anything in and was completely finished with.

She says that she left some medication in the house and was PISSED, PISSED that I changed the locks on MY house that she supposedly moved out of (more on this to come in another post on mytenantfromhell.com tomorrow) from Monday. Considering that I waited until Wednesday night to have the locks changed I think that I gave her more than enough time to get her crap out. Anyyyyyway, I hope that the police send me a nice long letter or complaint so that I can prove she was gone and that my lock changing witness can show that she had already moved.

Landlords, always make sure that you have all of your stuff together, especially when dealing with trash like my now FORMER tenant.

UPDATE: So, I’ve called this woman 5 times to give her access to the home to get her “medicine” that she claims to have left behind, but she doesn’t answer. My painter says that she left a TON of garbage in the house and two ratty, probably insect infested couches there. When I had spoken to her on Monday, she said that everything was out of the house and that she had completely moved out. She was supposed to have been out from last FRIDAY!

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22 thoughts on “Tenant From Hell Threatens Me

  • Let her sue you. No big deal. If she can’t afford the rent, she can’t afford the court costs to file. She is blowing smoke and no attorney would take her case so she would have to try for small claims court.

  • WHAT?! This woman sounds horrendous. You’d have thought your problems would be over once she’d moved out, but apparently not.

    At least she hasn’t got the slightest legal leg to stand on here.

    I hope the hell will end soon. Hopefully she’ll be gone from your life forever after this episode.

  • OMG she just won’t quit. She has no case and no lawyer in their right mind will give her the time of day. Ugh she sounds like an awful person.

  • What a freak. Why does she still have the old keys? Perhaps she is breaking some law by not turning thos in when your agreement was complete? I wouldn’t worry about it. Some people just get pissed. It makes for very interesting reading though.

    • I plan on calling the next door neighbors to keep and eye out for me. They were nice people and I got the feeling that they hated her because of all the GARBAGE that she kept in and outside of the house.

  • Didn’t she return the keys? I believe that is the release of the unit. If she sues, she will probably use small claims court. Don’t take it lightly and make sure you appear! These courts can go either way depending on the judge. Bring all your supporting information, the court has a tendency to look out for the underdog.

    • She did keep the keys but she claimed to be out of the house on Monday. I also have witnesses to that fact, plus I would normally have changed the locks anyway. In that area people are known to break in and steal the copper pipes if the house is vacant.

  • What a nightmare of a tenant you had!

    If you do let her in to get her stuff, make sure you bring a witness to the event just in case…

    Hopefully, you’ll never get a tenant like that again!!!

  • Yikes. What’s she doing trying to enter your apartment building without your consent…that should to be illegal. IF she was at the end of the term of the lease, wouldn’t that be like breaking and entering? WHat if someone else moved in the next day.

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