Warm Winter Means Deals For You

It’s been a gloriously warm winter here on the East Coast. The weather actually hit 60 degrees here in New York in December, a sight I have never seen and one my boyfriend’s 81 year old mother couldn’t really recall. All that warm weather means that stores that had stocked up on winter gear can’t sell it. And if they can’t sell their goods, that means a big shop opportunity for you!

Spring merchandise is just about ready to reach the stores, which means all of the winter merchandise has to be cleared out.   Since no one is buying, that means deep, deep discounts just to get the items out the door.  I plan on picking up a new Calvin Klein coat that I’ve been eyeing all winter long now that it’s 40% off.  I could wait a while and see if some other savvy shopper doesn’t snap it up to see if I can get it at 60% off.

The best items to buy right now are ski gear, winter coats, and or course, winter boots.  So get out and get something at a decent price right now!

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7 thoughts on “Warm Winter Means Deals For You

  • The warmer weather (we’re in Michigan) has helped with the gas bill. We just got last months and it was $45 cheaper than the average bill for the same month the last two years. That’s not too shabby!

  • I agree!! My fiancee loves the Victoria Secret annual sale. She scored some amazing deals on some lingerie for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, I have to wait to see it all. I’m all for sales–especially when it comes to Victoria Secret. haha

  • Shopportunity?! That word is eerily similar to today’s Word Mash! @ http://t.co/wOdTIWkL. You should submit it!

    I second Money Beagle on the lower heat bills. I too live in Michigan and I was out in the yard playing football with the kids last weekend!

  • I want to hit the malls so badly because one of my new years goals was to dress better. I am sort of a sloppy dresser. However, I spent most of the gift cards I had received for Christmas and resisting temptation all in the name of keeping the rest of my new years goals. So this post makes me sort of sad! haha

  • I had the same thoughts yesterday while strolling through the new Dick’s Sporting Goods store for the first time. Everything looked to be pricey, and I remarked to Number One Son, just wait a couple weeks, that North Face cap will be half price.

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