Some Store Brands and National Brands Are The Same

Some Store Brands and National Brands Are The Same

Today I’m going to confirm a long running rumor about the products in your grocery store.  Many of you have already suspected that the store brands and the national brands held little difference.  Some of you actually continue to fall for national marketing practices and believe that because you pay a premium for certain foods[…]


6 Strategies For Saving Money On Your Mortgage

Now that I am the proud owner of a new mortgage of my rental property, I’ve been thinking about how quickly I can pay this loan off and reduce my mortgage costs. What I’ve realized is that paying off a large loan such as a mortgage can seem decades away, but if you apply a few strategies, not only can you pay your mortgage off faster, but you can save thousands of dollars in the process.

I’m all about having this as simple as possible, so I looked for the easiest ways to get both of these tasks accomplished. Today I present you with six simple ways to reduce your mortgage costs. Let me know which one you might try. […]

Senior With Money - Senior Citizen Discounts

Age 50+? Save With Senior Citizen Discounts

My step-father is now the ripe old age of 60(!) and was pushed into early retirement through a job loss.  Thankfully he was a union worker who put in more than enough time to collect a small pension, but with my younger sister still in her teens, that money can only go so far.  Teenage girls are wallet vampires.  I know, I used to be one.

I’ve thought about ways to save my mom and step-dad money without making them change their habits.  Well, at first I tried to get them to change their habits, but I gave up because they’re pretty stubborn SOB’s and they pretty much cursed me out.

While I was at my mom’s scoring free dinner one day, I rifled through their mail and found the AARP magazine.  Jackpot! While my parents think that they’re way too young and sexy to be getting the magazine I spied deals and steals galore.  This sent me down the rabbit hole of finding as many deals as possible for senior citizens.  Are you thinking that they’re just going to save nickels and dimes? Boy, are you wrong. […]

solar-money-house- solar energy

Energy Savings: How to Use Solar Energy as Leverage

Renewable power sources are getting quite popular these days with the ongoing campaign to go green. Out of all the renewable energy sources, solar energy happens to be one of the most popular among households as energy from the sun can be harnessed with the use of solar panels and estimating the amount of your cash outlay can be done easily with the price estimator from AGL Solar Energy. Many homeowners decide to install solar panels for the desire to go green and at the same time decrease their dependence on local energy sources. With the rising cost of energy, it would be to the benefit of every family to look for ways and means to decrease their electric bills without being deprived of using their gadgets and appliances and this can be best done by using solar energy. Here’s a list of the reasons why going for solar energy is advantageous for you: […]

work money - frugal emplyee

The Frugal Employee

It’s back to work for me, which means expenses related to work.  In this economy, everyone is doing what they can to save money, but some people are taking frugality to the extremes, especially if you’re an employee in a shaky industry that has seen mass layoffs these past few years. Regardless of what the state of your job is right now, it’d be a good idea to hop aboard the frugal train with the following tips: […]

Envelope System - $2M Lottery Winner Uses Food Stamps

Saving Money with the Envelope System

You’re Terrible at Saving Money (and How the Envelope System is Going to Save You)

A lot of us are terrible at saving money. It’s hard–it takes persistence and the will power to not spend next month’s rent on “window shopping impulses”.

Instead of continuing to live in constant money trouble, never knowing where your funds will come from or where they’ll go, let’s talk about a tried-and-true budgeting system that will save your paycheck from yourself. Let’s work on getting you out of debt, getting you in control of your dollars, and on track to actually do something with your money instead of spending it on eating out, clothes you never wear, and junk no one cares about.

Let’s talk about the envelope system. […]

children saving money = Banks Accounts

4 Banks Accounts At 14 Years Old

How early should you begin teaching your children the value of a dollar? It seems like it might never be too early.

I was inspired by this 14 year old who already has four accounts – one of which is his college fund. Every two weeks he makes the trip to the bank to deposit a part of his allowance into his accounts.

Teach your children to save early, save often and save as much as possible. If you need a little inspiration, watch what Jordan Lane Palmer is doing and begin a savings account with your kids today! […]