children saving money = Banks Accounts

4 Banks Accounts At 14 Years Old

How early should you begin teaching your children the value of a dollar? It seems like it might never be too early.

I was inspired by this 14 year old who already has four accounts – one of which is his college fund. Every two weeks he makes the trip to the bank to deposit a part of his allowance into his accounts.

Teach your children to save early, save often and save as much as possible. If you need a little inspiration, watch what Jordan Lane Palmer is doing and begin a savings account with your kids today! […]


How to Mitigate Spending

Despite the recession, many people have still enjoyed comfortable lifestyles where they can pick up new gadgets and re-dress themselves on a regular basis. However, the reality is many of us still live from wage to wage. This leads to a negative effect as many of us binge spend, leading to a huge up and down of good days and bad days.

In the USA alone, there is an estimated $850 BILLION of credit card date, and with the average household wage being $16,000, the scale is tipping in one way massively. There is no need to go down the credit card route, however, there are many ways you can salvage yourself financially by making a few hard decisions, and becoming a bit more frugal with your expenditure. […]

Living Costs

Ecologically Sound Ways To Reduce Your Living Costs

The entire world is struggling with inflation. Some countries have recuperated from the economic catastrophe while others are still months or perhaps a year or two away from complete recovery. Irrespective of the global economic climate, it wouldn’t be wrong to infer that living costs have risen phenomenally and would continue to rise in the[…]

basketball game- Sports

Saving Money on Sports Tickets

As I type this, I’m watching the Miami Heat play the Indiana Pacers in some exciting game 7 basketball. It’s a tied game, but it’s still early. Honestly, it hasn’t been the greatest basketball game so far. The Pacers are turning the ball over a ton, and the Heat’s shooting is colder than the outside of Santa’s workshop during January. But that’s okay, because it’s game 7, and pretty much nothing beats game 7.

If you’re anything like me, you watch a ton of sports. If it wasn’t for sports, I think I could pretty easily ditch my satellite TV for good, since I could just easily get DVDs of whole seasons of my favorite shows from the library. Or I could even watch them on my laptop, even though watching TV on a 14 inch screen isn’t exactly my optimal viewing experience. I finally upgraded to a 21st century TV a few months ago, so I’ve gotta get my money’s worth. […]

Leasing or Buying - Car Loan

Which Is Better For Saving: Leasing or Buying?

When looking for a new car, cost is always a consideration with all of the available options. If you are directly comparing leasing to buying to determine which is the smarter financial option, it is not strictly black and white. There are pros and cons associated with both options that need to be factored into the decision.


Pros of Leasing a Vehicle

The financial benefits of leasing a vehicle include: […]

food prices - Groceries

Fooling My Family Into Saving Money On Groceries

In 2012 I predicted that food prices would explode due to widespread drought conditions across much of the midwest growing regions.  Unless you don’t do the grocery shopping for your household, you’ve might have noticed that you’re paying more at the register to purchase the same food.  A simple glance at beef prices should send your eyebrows upwards.

What’s a girl to do when food prices are rising, you have to feed your family and you’re trying to live on a tiny budget? You get sneaky-sneaky in your efforts to save money and I’m sharing those tips with you. […]

saving money in las vegas - Gambling

Saving Money In Las Vegas

Because I come from cold, cold, Canada, I like to go down somewhere at least once a winter that’s warm. From Alberta, the cheapest way to do this is flying down to Las Vegas, which is just a short 3 hour flight. Sin City obviously features all the glittering casinos, but they’ve diversified their offerings to appeal to the non-gambler as well. The buffets are legendary, the shows feature familiar names, and each different casino has a somewhat unique idea of what will attract visitors. Vegas still offers plenty of adult entertainment, but it’s very possible to have a good time without breaking the bank at a gambling table.

Considering how I just came back from a trip there, I figured I’d give you guys some tips on how to save money on your next trip. I’d recommend not using your savings to increase your gambling budget, since gambling is for suckers. Which brings me to tip number 1:

Don’t Gamble […]

eating money - Food Budget

Tips for Cutting Your Food Budget

When you are trying to save money, the first thing to do is to check out your largest expenses and see if they can be cut.  For most people, that means housing, vehicles, and food.  Since changes to your home or car may take a little time, let’s see how fast you can save money on food.

Where Does Your Food Money Go?

Try tracking your food spending for a month to figure out what you are spending currently and where that money is going.   You may be surprised to see how much you are spending on restaurants or fast food.  Or you may see a habit that you hadn’t noticed before like too many trips to a coffee shop or favorite dessert place.  Tracking your spending is definitely the first step since it will keep you from guessing as you make a plan. […]

Sports Equipment

Saving On Sports Equipment For Your Kids

Every parent wants their kids to be involved in team sports at least once. Unfortunately not all parents can afford to buy brand new equipment every time their kids want to try a new sport. This is especially true if you have more than one child with an affinity for playing sports! So how do you give your kids what they need without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it?

Think Ahead

Your twelve year old might not yet be ready to swing adult sized baseball bats but you should buy one or two now anyway. For one thing, it will give you something to use when you play ball with your kids. Also kids can use the heavier bat in games by choking up or just use it for batting practice, getting used to the heavier bat will help develop their swinging muscles so they can start hitting those home runs!  […]

dinner - Anniversary Budget

Allocating An Anniversary Budget

Your anniversary is an occasion when you can go back to being a girlfriend and boyfriend, and enjoy each other wholeheartedly. This especially applies to married couples, who can escape from the daily humdrum on their anniversary and spend some time together. However, the most exciting part is planning a surprise for your better half, which usually comes with a fear of an attack on the pocket.

Any price paid for that amazed expression on your partner’s face when they see your surprise, is worth it. You can plan ahead of your anniversary day and save up to wow your significant other in the most loving way. If the plan is sorted out and arranged before the D-day, you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy it to the fullest. […]

Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

With the turn of the New Year and after the excesses of Christmas, we’re all starting to think about cutting down on our expenses. They’ll be less nights out, not so many dos and work lunches, and you’ll probably be bringing a packed lunch for those first few weeks back after the festivities.

But you’ll also need to think about cutting down on your big expenses as well as just your day to day. Whether looking for the best car insurance quote, cutting down on your energy bills or your home insurance you need to put a money saving action plan in place. […]

I'm Growing Food In My City Back Yard With Aquaponics

I’m Growing Food In My City Back Yard With Aquaponics

This post has been months in the making.  I have literally been thinking about this post for about four months now, and it’s all finally matured to the point where I can share everything with you.  I’m growing food including edible fish in a greenhouse in my back yard using a system called aquaponics.  Yes, I live on a small plot of land in New York City, and if you have even the tiniest bit of room in a spit of an apartment, you can do something like this too.

First, a disclaimer.  I am a science geek and love these kinds of experiments. I also like gardening as long as I can get the dirt from under my fingernails.  So, I combined my love of experimenting with my love of gardening to complete this project.  Oh, and I have that biology degree hanging on my mom’s wall.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s worth sharing.  It’s time for a science class kids! […]