Life Insurance

Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Your Employer’s Life Insurance

For the first time in my life I’m buying life insurance.

I’ve always had life insurance coverage through my various employers, but I never bothered to purchase my own life insurance because I thought that I didn’t need it, and honestly I probably didn’t.  I had absolutely no assets, plenty of debt, no children, no spouse, no one depending on my income and enough in my retirement account to bury me…with a little money left over. […]

Yes, I Am Sandy - Unemployed

I’m Unemployed & Coming Out The Closet

As of last Friday, I am officially unemployed with no new job to go to.  Are you panicking for me? Because I’m not.

I’m smirking as I write this post that has been months in the making while sipping on a cup of calming ginger tea.  My heart is beating loudly as if playing out a scene in The Tell-Tale Heart, but it’s at the excitement of what is to come in the next few months.  Life is beautiful, and for just this week, I took the time to stop and enjoy being alive and happy.

If you recall I resigned from one job over a year ago to take another job with a different employer.  The new job was in the field of Human Resources, something that I had wanted to do my entire career.  When the opportunity presented itself, I was hesitant at moving because I liked my previous employer a lot.  But, after speaking with my better half, I was convinced to get over my reservations and accept my dream job.

Within two weeks of joining the new company I knew that I had made a terrible mistake.  My job?  Oh, that part was easy . The office and company? That was the issue.  But, I’m nothing if not positive, so I decided that I would give the new job at least six months of observation before making a decision on leaving or going. […]

I’m Leaving Due to Technology Problems


Neither a borrower nor a lender be
For loan oft loses both itself and friend…
                                              –  Shakespeare

It’s not me, it’s you.  Sure, we can still be friends, but I think that it’s better for both of us if I invest using other platforms.  No, no there’s no one else involved.  Well, maybe Lending Club did try to win me over a little, but really, you pushed me away.  If you just worked a little bit better, we wouldn’t be going through this right now.

Let’s not make this any harder than it has to be.  I’ll just stop investing with you and transfer my money as loans are paid off.  Oh, my own loan?  Yes, well, I’m accelerating the payments and we’ll just make a clean break.  I’m sorry.  I really wish it could have worked out, but I think that it’s just better this way. […]

A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

This is totally off the personal finance topic, but I owe you guys a public service announcement.  That photo below is what the back of my car looks like after someone hit me yesterday morning going between 85-90 miles per hour while texting.  Not pretty, huh?

My boyfriend and I were traveling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike about a quarter mile away from our final exit after a 2 hour drive.   He had decided to come along because I would have to deal with the tenant that I was evicting, and he wanted to see the condition of the house.  So there we are, in this two lane stretch of high way.  Nothing in front of us, no one beside us, when out of nowhere, this car shot up behind us like a missile and hit us squarely in the back.

Click to enlarge!

My trunk where my back set used to be!


No Vacancy For You - I'm Quitting My Job And Retiring by 40

I’m Quitting My Job And Retiring by 40

I have writer’s block.  When something is bothering me, it completely stops my ability to write anything at all until I get it off my chest.  I struggle with how much of my own life to include on this blog that doesn’t relate to finance.  After all, this blog is about my journey out of debt, but I tend to toss in little anecdotes about my life as well.  Hey, I’m human. So, I’ve had this thing stuck in my throat for weeks now, and it made me lose my voice.  I figure, it’s time to let it out.

I’m quitting my job.

There, I said it.  Such a relief. […]

Spirit Airlines Charges $100 Baggage Fee

Spirit Airlines Charges $100 Baggage Fee

Spirit Airlines has officially lost its damn mind.  They have come up with a scheme to charge you up to $100 for a carry on bag beginning in November!  Yes, you read that correctly, one hundred dollars for a piece of luggage.  Spirit has adopted a strategy of nickel-and-diming passengers for everything they can think.  Apparently it’s working because Spirit made a profit of $76.4 million last year – with a full third of its operating revenue coming from fees for carry-on and checked bags, choosing seats in advance and extra legroom. […]

Four Easy Resolutions: Just Be Better

Four Easy Resolutions: Just Be Better

I’ve been blogging about how I’m working my way out of a 6-figure debt for the past three years.  You’d think that by now I’m an expert at every money making and debt avoidance trick in the book, but quite honestly, I’m not.  It’s been a long journey filled with ups and downs and I’ll keep going until my balance hits zero.

At this time of the year it’s not unusual for people to begin reflecting on the past year and deciding how to make this New Year even better.  We like to call them resolutions.  For many years I avoided making resolutions because, honestly, haven’t we all promised to lose ten pounds for years now and somehow end every year with those same ten pounds? […]

Death Took A Holiday

Death Took A Holiday

My boyfriend’s sister was killed while crossing the street two days ago.

I will never, for the rest of my life, forget the wail of anguish and disbelief that emanated from his soul as dropped the phone upon hearing the news from his niece, her daughter.  Men aren’t supposed to cry.  At least that’s what we’re taught in this macho, mine is bigger than yours society.  But the wall could hardly sustain him as the towering manly man sobbed for the loss of his sister. […]

a company is so more than just the work

Just Because I’m Leaving Doesn’t That Mean I’m Gone

It’s my last day of work at my current job today.  I’ve accepted employment elsewhere and if the Ponzi scheme conviction (*cough*  Bernie *cough*) doesn’t pop up on my background check or the salvia traces (*wink* Miley Cyrus *wink*) doesn’t prove to be a problem after the drug testing, I should be okay.   But I still feel so very connected to my current job and its employees that I’m having a hard time just shutting down and letting go.  My BF thinks that I’m nuts.  I really don’t know what it is. […]