If I Had A Million Dollars

Ever since the disaster of not playing the lottery and missing my chance to win $350 million, I’ve thought about what I would do if I won a million dollars.  The commercials for the lottery say that all I need is a “little bit of luck” or “a dollar and a dream” and I’ve had[…]


Money Saving iPhone Apps

There are literally thousands and thousands of iPhone apps available which cover a huge range of tastes and requirements. They vary from jokes, games and social networking availability through to serious business applications enabling trade on the Stock Exchange and a virtual office. Somewhere in the middle are potentially hundreds of very useful money saving[…]

where paycheck goes infographcic

Where Does Your Cash Go?

The Credit Loan blog had a very interesting infographic chronicling how the average consumer spend their paycheck. The infographic was compiled from a survey conducted by the Department of Labor. We like to cry broke, but according to the information, the average family has an income of $62,857 before taxes but spends about $49,067.  Not[…]