Some Store Brands and National Brands Are The Same

Some Store Brands and National Brands Are The Same

Today I’m going to confirm a long running rumor about the products in your grocery store.  Many of you have already suspected that the store brands and the national brands held little difference.  Some of you actually continue to fall for national marketing practices and believe that because you pay a premium for certain foods[…]

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Fooling My Family Into Saving Money On Groceries

In 2012 I predicted that food prices would explode due to widespread drought conditions across much of the midwest growing regions.  Unless you don’t do the grocery shopping for your household, you’ve might have noticed that you’re paying more at the register to purchase the same food.  A simple glance at beef prices should send your eyebrows upwards.

What’s a girl to do when food prices are rising, you have to feed your family and you’re trying to live on a tiny budget? You get sneaky-sneaky in your efforts to save money and I’m sharing those tips with you. […]

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Tips for Cutting Your Food Budget

When you are trying to save money, the first thing to do is to check out your largest expenses and see if they can be cut.  For most people, that means housing, vehicles, and food.  Since changes to your home or car may take a little time, let’s see how fast you can save money on food.

Where Does Your Food Money Go?

Try tracking your food spending for a month to figure out what you are spending currently and where that money is going.   You may be surprised to see how much you are spending on restaurants or fast food.  Or you may see a habit that you hadn’t noticed before like too many trips to a coffee shop or favorite dessert place.  Tracking your spending is definitely the first step since it will keep you from guessing as you make a plan. […]

rice - Worldwide Hike In Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty

Worldwide Hike In Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty

Food prices have spiked to record levels since bad weather in many parts of the world led to millions of tons of crops being damaged. In 2010 there were floods in Australia, droughts in Russia followed by record snow storms in Canada and the United States. Add to that record high gas prices which are expected to continue to rise and we have the perfect storm for high food prices. […]

Grow Your Own Food, Save Money

Grow Your Own Food, Save Money

I have a degree in Biology and I thought that I would grow potatoes in a pot this year. Trust me, it can be done. So I selected some red potatoes, brown bagged them so that they would sprout, and got ready to plant them. Let me say that I had them sprouted for months. I went to the home supply store and got organic soil and a large pot. I got home all ready to plant the potatoes that I’d now had sprouting for months.